Shuriken Magnets, For Hanging Stuff Up Ninja-Style

By Luke Anderson

A while back I wrote about some Shruiken wall tacks. Those were definitely one of the coolest office accessories that I’d seen in a while. Unfortunately, they were only a concept design, and I’ve yet to find them up for sale. On the bright side, I have managed to find something that’s almost as good.

These Shuriken Magnets might not look quite as cool, but they get the job done. The magnets look like they’re a bit thicker than tacks, but certainly have one good thing going for them. These little guys are actually for sale. They might be a bit pricey at $19 for a pair, but I’m still seriously considering picking them up.

Note: I’ve just noticed that these are out of stock until 1/5/09, so don’t put these down on your Christmas list.

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