Shure’s E500PTH Now Shipping In UK

shure e500 pthBy David Ponce

The cream of the crop of in-ear monitors (fancyspeak for headphones, it seems), according to many, come from Shure. And if we go by the asking price of their latest offering, they better darn well be. See, $550 will buy you the E500PTH, headphones so finely crafted, we’ve heard such crazytalk as “[they will] change personal audio the way HDTV changed television” muttered about.

They feature three drivers: two woofers and one tweeter for vibrant highs and very rich lows. The sound isolating design will block out up to 90% of ambient noise, though a sleek feature called Push To Hear (the PTH in the name) will allow you to let said noise in at the push of a button — no need to remove the headphones.

There’s a bunch more “features”, which you can read about if you follow the linkola at the bottom. The E500PTH were announced quite some time ago (in January), though they’re apparently now shipping… in the UK. Our pals in the USA will have to wait till the end of this month.

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  1. Now you can listen to all of your low quality mp3’s in all of their compressed form, and will probably sound just as good with the crappy ones your mp3 player came with. Unless you store all of your mp3’s in the abosolute highest format, or are using loseless codecs there’s really no point to using these with an mp3 player.

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