showTIME Connects Your iPhone To Any TV


By Luke Anderson

Did you ever have that relative that cornered you one evening and decided to show you a slideshow of their summer vacation? Thankfully I’ve never had the pleasure of such an occurrence, and with technology moving as it has, it’s probably not going to ever happen. Not with actual slides at least. If you’re the type that loves to show off pictures (or even video) to everyone you meet, you’re going to love this new iPod/iPhone accessory from Scosche.

I don’t usually go around showing of dozens of pictures on my iPhone to friends and family, but if I did, I might look into one of these showTIME adapters. This cable is pretty simple and straight-forward. Just plug one end into your iPhone or iPod and the other goes into the RCA inputs on a TV. You can then control a slideshow of your favorite pics, or even show off a video or two if you like. I can think of a few practical applications for this, but wouldn’t it be more fun to bore your relatives with a 2-hour documentary of a boat trip you took last summer? The showTIME will be available sometime in the near future for around $40.

[ Scosche ]