Shower Mirror “Security” Camera

Shower Mirror Security Camera (Image courtesy Spycam Man)By Andrew Liszewski

Why do I get the feeling that this shower “security” camera will probably never be used for the purpose this site claims it’s designed for? What you’re basically looking at is a shower mirror with a built-in radio that also includes a discreet, aka hidden high resolution video camera. The site itself barely pretends that this device is to be used for security purposes too. Check out this feature:

Comes with a powerful 2.4 ghz usb compatible receiver and software to watch it wirelessly on your computer, or record to a vcr. or both!

What’s with the exclamation point on both? One thing’s for sure the next time I’m in a shower that’s not my own I’m removing any and all mirrors and radios beforehand.

I can only assume this product is targeted for a let’s say “unique” demographic not only because of what it does but also because it costs $279.99.

[ Shower Mirror “Security” Camera ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

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