Shower Curtain Reminds You When To Bathe

Shower Curtain Calender

By Luke Anderson

I’m a horribly forgetful person. The only way I remember anything is when Outlook pops up and tells me I need to be somewhere in an hour. That is if I even remembered to enter my appointments in the first place. What I don’t need reminded to do is take a shower, as I’ve gotten in the habit of just doing that every day. However, if some of you need a little extra encouragement to do it on certain days, you might be interested in this peculiar shower curtain.

This strange bathroom accessory is simply a huge 12-month calender. When you have a big business meeting, or a hot date, jot it down on the curtain. This way when you’re in the bathroom doing your business, you’ll remember that today you really should hop in the shower. It looks like you can pick one up for around $25.

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