Shout It All Out Without Getting Fired

By Jonathan Kimak

There are times when I’d like nothing better than to unleash a large howl of rage. This usually doesn’t go over well at the library. So I may try this shouting vase. The plastic vase is made from ABS resin and weighs 210 grams. The instructions are in Japanese but I think it’s fairly obvious that you put the vase over your mouth and scream. The vase muffles the sound so that you get the pleasure and stress relief of shouting but you don’t cause all your co-workers to stare at you and call the men in white jackets to come and pick you up. The vase costs $79.

There is one downside I can see if this vase becomes popular. Namely we won’t have a future where Captain Kirk can scream KHAAAAAN at the top of his lungs. Do we really want to live in such a world?

[ Japan Trend Shop ] VIA [ Ubergizmo ]