Shouldercool 3163 Ergo-Mousepad

Shouldercool 3163 Ergo-Mousepad

By Bruce Eaton

This comes straight from Korea and surprisingly isn’t a bad iPod knock-off, but rather an innovative new mousepad called the Shouldercool 3163 by Echery. Unlike the common pad that rests flat, the Shouldercool mounts at an angle on the desk, and according to the designers of the pad, it will avoid unnecessary fatigue in your shoulder and wrist. While I find that I might need to try before buying, anything that might rid me of arm numbing pain might be worth it.

One thing that might prove odd is that you will constantly be fighting gravity as your mouse slides down into the valley created by the pads, but that is just me. Who knows, it might prove to be such an exercise (holding up the mouse on the angle) that you will work out those tiny things you call arms. No word on price at the moment.

[Shouldercool 3163] VIA [Akihabara News]

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