ShopWiki To Pay For Video Reviews

shopwiki logoBy David Ponce

We figure that many of you faithful readers have some gadgets lying around, and are also willing to barter your souls for money… to buy some more gadgets, natch. Well, my friends, save your souls for a better deal (say, a date?) and put your video editing skills to good use.

Company ShopWiki will be spending $25,000 to purchase video reviews. That’s right, they’ll pay $50 to the 500 first approved video reviews of just about any product available through their site. So, here’s the deal:

1) Make a list of all your gadgets
2) Go to ShopWiki and make sure that product is available through them, and doesn’t already have a video review.
3) Get your camera out and start reviewing.

They pay through Paypal, and seem to have enlisted an army of moderators, as videos get approved or declined within a day, with payment to follow the day afterward. And yes, there’s a few guidelines to follow, though they’re pretty open about the format. The guidelines are there to help you get your video approved.

Follow the link love at the bottom for all the details.

[ShopWiki Video Review Purchase]

[Update: These guys are the real deal. On a whim, I sent them my N70 review at 11pm on Thursday. By 9am on Friday, they’d reviewed the video and sent me payment through Paypal! Act fast before the 500 reviews are bought. -Ed.]