Shopping Cart + Bike Mashup Would Make Grocery Shopping Fun

Cart Bike (Images courtesy Ryan McFarland)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s proof that a low-tech innovation can still be just as fun as the high-tech gear we see every day. Instead of just mounting a basket to the front of his bike Ryan McFarland decided to completely replace the front wheel with an abandoned shopping cart. While the upgraded bike doesn’t steer very well as long as there’s a straight line between your home and the grocery store you can buy an entire cart’s worth of food without having to worry about how you’re going to carry it home. And if you have access to one of those massive grocery stores with particularly wide aisles you might even be able to ride the bike into the store.

While photos of the bike have been kicking around the ‘blogosphere’ Ryan has actually posted a full Instructables guide on how he made the Cart Bike if you feel like building your own.

[ Bike and Shopping Cart ] VIA [ EcoGeek ]

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  1. Brake is on the back, Einstein. The one thing not illustrated are the hearing protectors. The noise rivals that of a departing jet.

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