Shocking Key Fob

Shocks Car Key (Image courtesy Bim Bam Banana)
By Andrew Liszewski

The same way I’ve developed a sixth sense for detecting those ‘screamer’ websites, I’m now pretty good at figuring out if someone’s just handed me a device that’s going to produce an electric shock. Sometimes the item is cleverly disguised but other times, like with this shocking key fob, it’s pretty obvious.

While the buttons and icons on top look real enough, I think the metal electrodes all over should be enough to tell you that something isn’t right. And if you somehow missed the large red ‘SHOCK’ button on the side, then as far as I’m concerned you deserve to get jolted.

The Shocks Car Key is available from Bim Bam Banana for $21. Watching your friends smash it on the ground after they’ve been shocked… priceless.

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