ShiftWear Sneakers Feature e-Ink Technology, Constantly Changing Look


You’ll end up spending a small fortune if you always change up your kicks so they stay looking fresh. Fortunately, technology is around to fix pretty much any such dilemma, and ShiftWear Sneakers seem to be an amazing solution for the footwear variety aficionado. The outside panels are made from e-Ink, which you can customize to your heart’s content. They charge either wirelessly, or with every step you take, and if you pick a static black & white image, they’ll consume absolutely no power until you change the image again. They’re waterproof and can be machine washed. Their soles are coated with Kevlar Fibers, to resist the normal wear and tear of traditional sneakers, so you won’t be constantly changing them. Heck, the app you’ll use to update the design will be open to the community, who’ll be able to contribute their designs for free or for a fee. They come in high, medium and low top versions, and the Special Edition M1 Classic has the entire exterior coated in e-Ink so the entire outside of the shoe can be redesigned. It’s a brilliant idea and if they pull it off, makes ShiftWear one of the most interesting new products we’ve come across lately. Prices start at $150 pledge for a low top, and go up to $1,000 for the Limited Edition M1 Classic. The campaign is fully funded, and shipping should happen in Fall of 2016.







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