Shibaful iPhone Case Wraps Your Phone Around Yoyogi Park


Love the feeling of young grass on your feet? How would you like to experience the same sensation on your hands whenever you reach for your phone? That’s what you can expect when you get the Shibaful case for your iPhone.

It’s a lush case that’s modeled after the grass at the Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. The Shibaful might look like a novelty item, but it’s actually a functional piece of art of sorts. It’s made using electrostatic flocking, where five differently-colored fiber particles are dropped from above. This causes the formation of the distinct grassy texture of the Shibaful.


The greenness of the case also makes it a sight for sore eyes. The makers of the Shibaful explain that it’s the first of a series of cases calledĀ World Parks, which will feature grassy cases with the grass inspired from different parks all over the world. New York’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park are next on the list.

Only a hundred of these grassy Shibaful cases were made. They will be sold at eight retail stores in Japan forĀ 3,980 yen or about $40.

VIA [ DigInfo ]