Sharpie Unveils The Liquid Pencil

By Chris Scott Barr

You don’t tend to see a lot of new developments in the world of writing utensils. Sure, there are some which can actually record the things being written, but the basics of the pen or pencil are still the same. Well Sharpie has developed a new pencil/pen hybrid that they say will “redefine the way you write.”

The new Liquid Pencil uses liquid graphite in an ordinary roller-ball pen. The liquid graphite is completely erasable just like a pencil, but there’s a twist. After around three days, the markings will become permanent. This is a step away from the old erasable pens which were never really permanent (yet didn’t always erase very well either).

I think these will be interesting to use, especially for artists. I love the feel of a roller-ball pen, but prefer to work in pencil so that changes can be easily made. However, once the piece is finished, it’s nice to know that the markings aren’t going anywhere. Look for these in stores next month.

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8 thoughts on “Sharpie Unveils The Liquid Pencil”

  1. Artists use cheap hairspray to fix charcoal or graphite drawings and I'll bet the 99 cents for a can is cheaper than the markup on a pack of these pencils.

  2. This is true, but I don't want to use hairspray on my sketchbooks. If I were able to use something like this, then my work would be better preserved without having the graphite rub off on the previous page.

  3. I think there's something that's very different about the feel of a pen than a pencil in the way it makes marks. I draw with pencil because of the feel, not the erasability. This sharpie appears to be ball pointed, which I find the most reprehensible drawing instrument. Then again, I suck at drawing.

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