Sharp Mebius Dual LCD Netbook Coming Stateside


By Shane McGlaun

I am a big netbook fan, I like the portability of the machines and every netbook I have tried was capable of doing everything I need a computer to do this side of gaming. With the glut of netbooks on the market, manufacturers are trying everything from bright colors to odd features to set their virtually identical machines apart from the pack.

One of the strangest features I have seen on a netbook is the secondary LCD/track pad that is on the Sharp Mebius NJ netbook I talked about last week. The small secondary display accepts handwriting and turns it into text on the screen as well. If you liked the cool factor of the NJ netbook, you can get one here in America soon.

Sharp apparently isn’t directly offering the NJ in the U.S., but the importer Dynamism is offering the netbook for sale to American geeks. The downside is that the price is high at $999. Before I plunked down my cash on the machine I would wait for a review, I suspect the battery life with dual LCDs will be horrid.

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