Sharktoon USB LANPort Makes Old Flash Drives Slightly Less Useless


By Evan Ackerman

I’m at a near total loss as to why Sharktoon is pushing its USB LANPort by showing how you can attach four USB flash drives to it. Maybe it’s because if you squint really hard, use your imagination, and look at a picture of sharks it sort of looks like there are four sharks there or something? Whatever. Anyway, the USB LANPort is basically a sucky (or more specialized, take your pick) version of the Pogoplug, in that it enables you to access USB storage devices over a network. It doesn’t come with an internet connectivity, and I bet it’s more of a pain in the butt to set up, but it does allow you to plug in and share a USB printer, which Pogoplug can’t. Score one! The other inevitable selling point of the Sharktoon LANPort is that it’s cheap: a version with one USB port costs $34, and the version with four costs $56.

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7 thoughts on “Sharktoon USB LANPort Makes Old Flash Drives Slightly Less Useless”

  1. So… basically an USB-over-LAN hub that can act as storage and (reduced)printserver, but with the USB 2.0 transfer rate.

    Personally, i would think for a while, before getting a thing like that for my personal need. But for small office, it probably pays off quite fast.

  2. It's a lot cheaper than the pogoplug, you could use the money you save to buy a few extra flash drives and hire someone else to set it up for you.

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