Sharing Watch

Sharing Watch (Images courtesy Maezm)
By Andrew Liszewski

So it turns out that all it takes to make it easier to share the time on your watch with someone is a simple 90 degree turn of its face. And that’s basically what’s been done with design studio Maezm’s Sharing Watch, which makes it extremely easy to show someone standing beside you what time it is, without inconveniencing the wearer too much. Unfortunately though, while the watch was designed to promote sharing, it seems Maezm doesn’t practice what they preach since the Sharing Watch is only a concept and isn’t available for sale.

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13 thoughts on “Sharing Watch”

  1. I enjoy thinking you have gone off your rocker more than believing that you did it on purpose.. We all know that if you spend day in and day out in the basement on the computer with no lights on and eating Twinkies and drinking tab eventually all those preservatives will make you crazy

  2. Think of the other possibilities that this could open up, like the addition of hand gestures other than a fist that could also be display as your showing off your 90 degree watch, then other people would really know that you didn't want to talk to them.
    Why is this only a concept? It can't be very hard to spin the face plate on the watch and reset the hands.
    At least it's not as weird as the “sharing chopstick” that they also have.

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