SHADOW is a Dream Journal With Dreams of a Global Dream Database

Dreams become fantasies when they show you what you want, but they turn into nightmares when you find yourself trapped in an alternate world that brings your worst fears to life. The bliss or terror is real while you’re sleeping, but chances are you won’t even remember what you were dreaming about five minutes after you wake up.

Seeking to help you record your dreams is SHADOW (yes, all caps!) The app prompts you to note down details of your dream the moment you wake up while you can still remember bits and pieces of it. The app’s other goal is to build a dream database from dreamers all over the world.

SHADOW’s alarm wakes you gradually instead of jerking you awake. You will then be asked to record your dream either by text or by voice. These are stored in a digital dream journal that monitors your sleep and dream patterns, and you can either choose to keep these entries private or share them with the rest of the world. Hunter Lee Soik, one of SHADOW’s designers.

Hunter Lee Soik, one of SHADOW’s creators, explains: “There’s a lot going on in the subconscious mind that if you can start to pull out little details, you start to get a wider picture of yourself. We’re socialized to think of sleep as inactivity, but certain parts of our brain–the parts that handle things like problem solving and memory–are most active while we’re sleeping. That’s a huge amount of potential data we’re forgetting each morning.”

SHADOW is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $8 will make you a “card-carrying” member of the community.

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