Server Woes

By David Ponce

We’re having a jolly old time trying to convince our wonderful host (please note sarcasm), Dreamhost that we are in fact experiencing database problems. They’re having a jolly old time ignoring us. Some of you may be unable to access the site, and I apologize. And, if anyone knows of a good, reliable host, that offers decently priced shared, and dedicated (or VPS) hosting (for later upgrade), let me know. Not going to switch just yet, but I’ll be damned if I’m not thinking about it real hard.

7 thoughts on “Server Woes”

  1. I have both Dreamhost (got in on the recent big special) and ICDSOFT has much better uptime, super fast support (10 mins on average to get a response and most things worked out, and pretty good pricing. $6 / month

  2. It sucks when your host is like that as so much of it is out of your hands. I use a dedicated on A Small Orange, they’re not cheap but do offer exceptional support IMO.

    Good luck.

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