Sensor Flush Automatic Toilet Flushing System

Sensor Flush Automatic Toilet Flushing System

iTouchless Sensor Flush (Images courtesy iTouchless)
By Andrew Liszewski

Automatic flushing toilets were once a luxury you could only experience in filthy public restrooms, but now they’re available to anyone who’s lucky enough to have indoor plumbing at home. The Sensor Flush kit includes a replacement flush handle with built-in proximity sensors, as well as a motorized unit that installs on the inside of the tank. Supposedly the installation only takes about 5 minutes, even for a non-plumber type, and the 4 C-sized batteries that power the device are good for about 23,000 flushes.

When someone comes into proximity of the toilet to use it, they are detected by the sensors which then wait until the user is out of view to automatically trigger a flush. So not only does it ensure that the toilet always gets flushed, but it also does away with having to touch the handle, which is probably one of the more concentrated areas of germs. And even with the kit installed, the handle can still be pressed to manually flush the toilet, should the need arise.

You can get it directly from iTouchless for a special introductory price of $99.95.

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