SensoGlove For Overly Grippy Golfers

SensoGlove For Overly Grippy Golfers

SensoGlove (Image courtesy SensoSolutions)By Andrew Liszewski

Even though it’s probably one of the most passive sports I can think of, there seems to be an endless supply of contraptions and other equipment designed to improve your golf game. Now I realize that it can take years to develop the ‘perfect’ swing, but unless you’re dreaming of a career in the PGA, the SensoGlove just seems like overkill to me.

It looks like your standard white leather golf glove until you notice the small computer with the LCD display on the back. This computer uses various sensors that are strategically placed throughout the glove to measure your grip on the club while you swing. Audio feedback lets you know when your grip has become too tight, while I assume the club flying out of your hand lets you know when your grip is not tight enough. The LCD also provides a visual indication of which fingers are gripping the club too tightly, and you can even adjust the sensitivity depending on what level of grip is right for you.

The SensoGlove is available on the company’s website for $119 in both men and women’s sizes, while replacement gloves are just $26.67. (You can simply transfer the small computer to the new glove when the old gets worn out.)

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