Senslip, Artificial Foreskin (Yeah, That Foreskin)

By David Ponce

Again, forgive the cut-and-paste. See post below for explanation.

Circumcised men of the world, stand up and demand your foreskin!

A new product called “SenSlip” is being marketed as “the world’s first ever artificial retractable foreskin for circumcised men.”

Developed by Viafin-Atlas, out of Salisbury, England, it allows a circumcised man to proudly present himself in all of his unaltered glory. The company claims that “SenSlip will help restore the sensitivity of the penis, and protect the glans from the dryness and chafing caused by constant exposure to, and rubbing against, clothing.”

The company’s website actually has video (sorry, I didn’t watch it!).

And, eh, well, it looks like a little, er… cap (?) for your, eh… Well, just check out the site. Not Exactly SFW.

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13 thoughts on “Senslip, Artificial Foreskin (Yeah, That Foreskin)”

  1. Or, you could just snip off the end of a condom for the same effect with much more sensitivity. This device essentially just delivers friction to the shaft and across the glans, which are what a natural foreskin are meant to prevent. The frenum has still been severed, so the natural stimulation whereby the frenum is tugged and stretched is not restored.

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  3. OK… I really don’t get this. I am a woman. As a woman, I have the displeasure of dealing with a man with an occasional quick trigger. (reaching orgasm before I can) If you give men an option like this to help make them MORE sensitive, won’t that make them reach orgasm even quicker than before? Am I missing something? I mean, I know I don’t have the “equipment” so I’m probably missing the point here.

  4. Well you sound a bit negative about this one. I gotta foreskin and the girls have never had anything other than admiration for my cock The thought of having the end of my cock chopped off makes me want to cry.

  5. I think the product is very interesting. I have been restoring for a bit now and the sensitivity before and now is alot different cant wait till I am done. This thing would be cool to wear on those off days for when the penis needs time to heal.

    to the anon female that wrote: Yes technically something like this would make your guy orgasm faster probably. The fact is that with increased sensitivity people that have been circumcised have to learn more control over their body, something an uncircumcised guy doesnt have to go through because he never lost it.

  6. The purpose of this device is NOT to cause friction. While the video does state that it can be used for masturbatory purposes, that is not its function. It is worn throughout the day, protecting the head of the penis from exposure, thus causing the membrane of teh head to soften to its normal state. The criminal act of circuimcision destroys approximately 60 to 80% of total sexual sensation in the penis. The foreskin and the area it protects is more sensitive than the tongue and the finger tips and is similar to the inner lining of the eye lid. And just as removing the eye lids would cause the eye ball to dry up and cease to function properly, so the same occurs to the glans-penis (head) when the foreskin is amputated. The Senslip will not return the incredible nerve sensations that were lost when the foreskin was destroyed, but it will help soften the glans in order for sex to be more comfortable and enjoyable. While some men claim that their glans is more sensitive after adult circumcision (mainly because it is freshly exposed), the vast majority of mutilated penises lose great amounts of sensation between the time an infact is sexually assaulted by the knife to teh time he becomes a sexually mature adult man. The glans/head is not covered with its own skin. the glans is a series of membrane tissue, which the foreskin was meant to protect. Many fairytales have been told, such as that circumcision is “cleaner” or that it is “healthier”, and every one of them have been refuted and proven to be lies, with the rare exception of deformity. Foreskin actually produces enzymes that can kill HIV, and only 1% of the uncircumcised population of the world has a medical problem with their foreskin. Foreskin is easier to clean than a vagina. To amputate a foreskin just to prevent the extremely rare chance of disease is as absurd as removing the breasts of females “just in case” she might develope breast cancer. The United States is estimated to have a 75-80% circumcision rate, yet the United States has one of the highest sexually transmitted disease rates on the planet – and first place in HIV for a 1st world country.

  7. Thank you, Rev. Cunningham, for telling it like it is. Circumcision is mutilation and infant abuse. The antiquated practice must cease. I will probably never stop being angry about being cut as a baby.

  8. Ten years late, but here’s your response.

    Sensitivity isn’t an all or nothing thing. In fact many women experience painful sex because circumcision actually disrupts how natural sex should be by removing structures in the penis that help a man understand and respond to stimulation.

    Being intact (having a foreskin) I can tell you that I can last ages, sometimes even too long, because I’ve trained myself to have more sexual stamina. A guy who hasn’t had sex in a while, or lacks experience, probably isn’t going to be very good lover regardless of if he has a foreskin or not.

    Also it’s selfish of you to only think about your pleasure at the expense of men. I doubt you’d be too pleased if anyone, especially a man, demanded you get part of your vagina cut off because they thought it would increase pleasure for men, or worse, did it when you were a baby so you didn’t have a choice.

    If you’re that concerned about women’s pleasure with intact males, then ask the ones that live in places like Europe and the rest of the world where 80% of men are intact and there are no obvious complaints.

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