Self-Marking Tape Measure Gets It Right Every Time

Self-Marking Tape Measure Gets It Right Every Time


By Luke Anderson

When I’m working on a project that requires measuring, cutting, drilling and hammering, I tend to be very precise about what I do. My grandfather always drilled  the phrase “measure twice, cut once” into my head, and it’s good advice. One annoying thing about tape measures is that it’s not always easy to mark in the exact spot that you want. The line on the tape measure itself is usually a good quarter-inch above the object you need to mark, which can leave your measurements off, albeit only slightly. Not to mention that you don’t always have a free hand to mark with. Well here’s a tape measure that will do the marking for you.

The Irwin Straight-Line Tape Measure looks just like any other. However, at the point where the tape exits the roll, there is a handy marker on the underside. Just set it down (you might need to rub it on the object a little) and you’re all set. This $14 gadget could very well save you a lot of hassle in the future.

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