Self Defense Night Stand Provides All-Around Bedside Protection

Self Defense Night Stand Provides All-Around Bedside Protection

Self Defense Night Stand

It’s important to have protection by your bedside. Not that kind of protection, in case that’s what you’re thinking. What I mean is protection for physical attacks from burglars who want to rob you dry when you’re at your most defenseless. You could get a gun, a stun gun, or stock up your bedside drawer with pepper spray.

Or you can skip the bullets and go for brute force with the Self Defense Night Stand. It’s a bedside table where the base is actually a baseball bat, and where the flat surface is actually a shield. It’s a regular old bedside table the rest of the time when all is well and good.

The way I see it, this dual-purpose table is like a cross between a novelty and something that you can actually use. While the shield might be sufficient when your attacker is only armed with a knife, you might need more than just wood to defend against a gun.

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  1. All that is needed is to have table top made of Kevlar or other bullet proof material, there are already a few items that are bullet proof/resistant, briefcase,backpacks & clipboards & more! Why not make the table top bullet proof, how about the coffee table (could protect more than 1!), doors, I am sure other folks can come up with even more ideas. I for one like the idea of this night table, bullet proof it, make the wooden leg have it’s end capable of stunning the intruder with non-lethal 1.000.000 volts of electricity which would give you the time to get away and call authorities or just bash the head of intruder until only a body bag is needed! Just joking, stun and run is best option.

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