Self-Charging Retractable Dog Leash

Self-Charging Retractable Dog Leash (Image courtesy Fido Fashions)
By Andrew Liszewski

A dog leash with a built-in flashlight isn’t really necessary if you live in the city or suburbs where there’s plenty of streetlights, but I can see it being useful if you live in a more rural setting and have to walk your pup at night. And that latter demographic might find this particular retractable dog leash appealing since it features a small generator inside that tops off a set of rechargeable batteries which in turn power a set of LED lights. The leash is no heavier than a traditional model, and it even features reflective panels on either side of the handle, as well as reflective tape on the leash itself, for added safety if you’re out walking in the dark.

Unfortunately the leash isn’t quite available for sale just yet, though Fido Fashions, the company behind the design, is “currently 6 months from completion of a finished trade show prototype” and “is looking for a handful of small capital investors who can share the vision of the founder…”

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