Seitz Roundshot D3 Panoramic Camera

Seitz Roundshot D3 Panoramic Camera (Image courtesy Seitz Phototechnik)By Andrew Liszewski

While you can take your own 360 degree panorama shots with the right lens and a small roundtable why not go all out and do it right? The Seitz Roundshot D3 can create a full rotation digital panorama in only 2 seconds and the resulting images are composed of about 470 million pixels. The sensor on the D3 gives the camera an impressive ISO/ASA range of 500 to 10,000 and the unit even includes a 640×480 touch screen that can be used for previews and as a wireless remote.

Of course keep in mind that an uncompressed 360 degree panorama shot taken by the camera at 48-bits will weigh in at about 2.7GB so the unit relies on a special portable hard drive that it connects to via gigabit ethernet. I guess swapping out SD cards after every photo is just not practical.

A mobile version of the Roundshot will be available for $37,463 but why not save a few bucks and just go with the studio version which only costs $34,906. Both models are due for release in early 2007 so make sure to preorder yours now.

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