Seiko Electronic Encyclopedia Britannica Still Seems Outdated

Seiko Electronic Encyclopedia Britannica (Image courtesy Expert Verdict)
By Andrew Liszewski

If I had to make a list of companies that haven’t exactly kept up with the times, Encyclopedia Britannica would be right up there near the top. Even though they have finally embraced that internet thing all the kids are talking about, they still sell printed copies of their encyclopedia set. And while this electronic version of their encyclopedia is considerably more portable and affordable, it still looks like one of those old-school Sharp organizers from 15 years ago.

The Electronic Encyclopedia Britannica includes all 25,000 entries from their concise encyclopedia, as well as a copy of the 240,000 word Concise Oxford Dictionary, the Concise Oxford Thesaurus (which contains over 4 million synonym links) and the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. It also includes a 130,000 word spellchecker, a 10,000-entry abbreviation dictionary as well as a crossword solver, phrase finder, calculator and currency converter. With a price tag of about $184 from Expert Verdict it’s still kind of a hard sell if you’ve already got a half-decent internet connected smartphone, but at least they’re trying right?

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