Segway x2 – Golf Edition

Segway x2 Golf Edition (Image courtesy Segway Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

If anything history will look back on the Segway as an interesting case study in marketing. Before it was officially unveiled to the world speculation about what it could be ran wild online and I remember reading stories about it being anything from a practical sterling engine to a bona fide time machine. So when it launched there was really no way it could ever live up to the hype (unless it really was a time machine) and as a result a lot of people were let down.

I was not one of those people but I will admit I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the price tag which I think has been a huge factor in preventing them from really catching on. Thankfully the Segway is still around and every so often the company releases a new version like the Golf edition which is built on their heavy-duty x2 platform. The x2 Golf is billed as a fun alternative to a standard golf cart that’s also considerably smaller. It has a golf bag carrier attachment that is strategically positioned so the device can maintain its balance and uses special low-pressure tires that won’t tear up the turf and provide a smooth ride over bumpy terrain.

The Segway x2 Golf should be available sometime in the fall of this year.

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2 thoughts on “Segway x2 – Golf Edition”

  1. I agree Segway seems to have found the perfect application.

    What if they’d initially promoted it initially as only a golf cart, instead of a world-beater? Maybe it would have trended upward out of its beachhead and become a revolutionary product. Instead of following the opposite trajectory.

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