Sega’s Mu-Bot, An MP3 Accessory That Just Looks Cute


By David Ponce

What Sega’s Mu-Bot lacks in actual usefulness, it makes up in cuteness. Developed in conjunction with Avex Entertainment, the Mu-Bot is a simple iPod (or any other music player, though the white is a clear sign of the intended market) accessory whose arms are the earphones. When not in use, they can be reeled inside the body.

Presumably, the Mu-Bot-to-iPod connection comes out this little fella’s bum, so um, I ain’t getting one. Nor are you, unless you live in Japan, have $21 (after conversion) to spare and are into “kawaii“. They come out in December in various colors.

[Press Release (in PDF)] VIA [Xataka]