See-Through Post-It Notes

Sheer Post-It Notes (Images courtesy 3M & bookofjoe)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s another one of those “wow! I could have really used something like this at x point in my life, why didn’t someone think of that before” ideas. In University, the occasional textbook I actually bought was usually stuffed full of Post-It notes referencing quotes or other important facts I’d probably be tested on. But instead of drawing little arrows pointing to what I should remember (highlighting would have diminished the text’s resale value) I could’ve used these sheer Post-It notes to actually circle the blurb of text and remove any doubt of what I had to memorize when it was time to cram for exams. At the moment it seems that 3M only sells their Sheer Post-It notes in 1 inch wide colored strips (sheer yellow, sheer green, sheer blue and sheer melon) but I think a larger version would come in a lot more handy. Even an 8 1/2 x 11 letter-sized Post-It that would let you mark up a whole page.

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3 thoughts on “See-Through Post-It Notes”

  1. Because tracing paper doesn’t stick to the pages?

    Love this. I didn’t sell my textbooks, but highlighting them seemed… wrong. Defiling the pages.

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