Secure Aluminum Toothbrush Case Doesn’t Over Do It

Secure Aluminum Toothbrush Case (Images courtesy Dominic Wilcox)
By Andrew Liszewski

When you’re traveling you don’t want anything happening to your toothbrush, since it’s one of the few items you stick in your mouth. So in my humble opinion, no amount of protection is too much. Not even this case, created by Dominic Wilcox, which is hewn from a solid piece of aluminum with brass hinges and a convenient carrying handle. Sure, it will probably push your luggage over the weight limit, but overage fees are totally worth the peace of mind knowing your toothbrush is safe and secure.

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6 thoughts on “Secure Aluminum Toothbrush Case Doesn’t Over Do It”

  1. Good luck getting this thing on a plane. I gave my mother a Brita water filter to take home with her and then thought about the hassle they'd give her and smartly took it back.

    It's a water filter
    Sure it is lady! Who are you working for? Come with us.

  2. With people in the airport going through luggage often to just snoop I would like the thought that it's secure.

    If the bristle part were opened up a little, one could add the means of Ultraviolet sterilization via a small UV light, batteries, and switch. Not only would it be secure, but it would be sterile too. I also think it should have a locking clasp on it too. If we're gonna secure it, let's do it right.

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