Seat Belt Null Insert (Image courtesy

Seat Belt Null Insert Stops Your Car From Trying To Save Your Life

Seat Belt Null Insert (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

99% of the time an alarm isn’t a good thing. Whether it’s because of a fire, a robbery, or even having to get up in the morning. But the other 1% of the time, like when your car is reminding you to put your seat belt on, you should be happy to hear it. Apparently that’s not the case for everyone though, because someone has seen fit to make and sell a null seatbelt insert that tricks your car into thinking that every occupant has their seatbelt on, when they really don’t.

Yes, I can see the practical application if you happen to be transporting something heavy in the front seat that the car thinks is a passenger, but there’s nothing stopping you from doing up the real seat belt first before you put it in. A set of 2 is just $4.28 from, and if you’re thinking of ordering some I hope you enjoy your inevitable trip through your car’s windshield.

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6 thoughts on “Seat Belt Null Insert Stops Your Car From Trying To Save Your Life”

  1. I could see where this could be useful for where I'm moving short distances and in/out of the vehicle a lot — BUT, very dangerous in every other case. I wouldn't be alive if it hadn't been for the seatbelt and airbag.
    Buckle up for real, you never know when some idiot is going to hit you.

  2. It's only in existence for use in cars that u want to add a multi-point harness… It's either buy one of these or bend a paper clip and stick it in the plug connected to the seatbelt… I don't believe none of u people figured that out… It even says Type R on it, they make racing harnesses and other products to make things safer for aftermarket tuners… These comments really make you people seem ignorant… Dumbs***s!!!

  3. Not everyone wants to jerry-rig their nice new expensive car by sticking a paperclip in the seatbelt. Plus theres the chance it could get stuck in there which would be a waist of time.
    I wouldn't buy this, but it does bring a good laugh. It seems like EVERYTHING is made so freakin' idiot proof lately. If I want to open my vans automatic door while it's not in park, then damnit I want to. I paid for it. It's ridiculous people have to resort to this just to maintain control of what they bought.
    I could be wrong, in reality maybe we should pave the sidewalks so if people trip and fall they don't scrape their knees. What a great world that would be…

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