SeaSucker Suction Cup Bike Rack (Image courtesy The GearCaster)

SeaSucker Suction Cup Bike Racks

SeaSucker Suction Cup Bike Rack (Image courtesy The GearCaster)
By Andrew Liszewski

Originally designed for boating applications, these SeaSucker vacuum mounts have been adapted for cars that can’t be retrofitted with a bike rack either due to their size, or the fact that rack manufacturers haven’t adapted their product to the latest models. Each 6-inch suction cup can support up to 210lbs, and working in tandem they should provide more than enough support for even the heaviest of bikes. They also feature an integrated pump so it’s not just a case of jamming one of these onto a smooth surface of your car and hoping for the best. In fact they even have a built-in gauge showing you just how strong the vacuum seal is.

Now given that auto shops use a similar tool for removing dents in a car you might want to be careful when using them on certain body work, but if you’re careful they seem like a pretty great alternative to a permanently mounted rack. And they range in price from $234.99 for a single bike up to $629.99 for a set that can hold three.

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