Searchmash – Secret Google Search Experiments

Searchmash (Image courtesy Searchmash)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve occasionally debated with my friends as to which one of us first discovered Google years back. It will probably never be decided but for a bunch of geeks who pride themselves on being the first to see everything new online it’s an important badge of honor.

There might be others out there like us (though for the sake of mankind I hope not) so here’s a link to a new site called Searchmash which appears to be a ‘secret’ place for Google to try out new search techniques. For now there’s nothing too innovative going on, searches will return image thumbnails as well as the usual list of results which can be re-ordered as needed but keep checking back because I can only assume (and hope) that there’ll be some cool stuff appearing here some day.

[Searchmash] VIA [Tech Digest]