Seamour Sheep USB Lamp

Seamour Sheep Lamp

By Evan Ackerman

I have a soft spot for sheep. I blame it on Poe, who was (I think) one of the first desktop screenmates, and who still keeps me company from time to time. Seamour the sheep is as Scottish as Poe is Japanese (for whatever that’s worth). He stars alongside Marty the mole in a 3D-rendered Dutch comic strip called (oddly enough) Seamour Sheep, and has been incarnated in this vinyl USB lamp. Just plug a USB cable into his fluffy little vinyl butt, and he’ll start glowing for ya. It’s a limited edition, and can be all yours for $60. After the jump, have a look at one of the Seamour Sheep webcomics, featuring the first ever 3D sheep in a ninja suit, as far as I know.

Seamour Sheep strip

If you’d like, you can subscribe to the convenient Seamour Sheep webcomic RSS feed by clicking here. It comes out once a week.

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