Seagate Announces BlackArmor NAS Devices on the Cheap


by Shane McGlaun

Data is the lifeblood of any business and if data is lost it can mean all sorts of bad things for a company from lost money to lawsuits. The best way to prevent data from being lost is to back the data up to an external NAS storage solution designed for businesses. The catch for smaller companies is that NAS solutions tend to be very expensive.

Seagate has announced two new NAS devices in its BlackArmor line that are affordable for small businesses and even home users looking to protect important data. The new products are the BlackArmor NAS 420 and NAS 440. Both the solutions are four bay network attached storage arrays. The NAS 420 ships with two hard drives installed and the NAS 440 ships with four hard drives.

The systems have an integrated LCD screen that displays settings and status information for the device. Both versions can provide continuous and automatic backups of up to 50 computers attached to a network. Security can be applied at the file or folder level and encryption is supported as well. The NAS 420 with 2TB of storage will retail for $799.99 and offers two empty bays for adding more storage later. The NAS 440 is available with 4TB of storage for $1,199.99, 6TB for $1,699.99, and in May an 8TB version will debut for $1,999.99.

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