SD card recycling: behold Logitec’s 8SD MP3 player

Ok, so this one redefines fugly. It also connotates with useless. Unless of course, you’ve got 8 SD cards lying around and a serious itch to put them to some use.

See, it’s an MP3 player… with no storage of it’s own. Instead, it’ll take up to 8 SD cards of up to 1Gb each. So, at the very most, it’s an 8Gb MP3 player. A very ugly square black MP3 player. Hmm…. In a world that’s about to release 80Gb players, 8 seems kind of measly.

So, like I said, unless you got a recycling itch to scratch, you can chalk this one up to “cheap and misguided grab for money”.

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