SD Card Features Built-In USB Connector


By Luke Anderson

One of the great things about having a digital camera is that you can take hundreds of pictures, then quickly view and edit them on your computer. Unfortunately, that generally requires the use of a card reader. Sure, a lot of the newer PCs have one built-in, but there are still plenty out there that don’t. That’s why I love this little invention.

The memory card is actually quite small, and has a tiny USB connector that lets you plug it directly into your computer, no card reader required. It snaps into a plastic case which essentially turns it into an SD card. I don’t normally get excited about a memory card, but I have to admit that this is a cool design. It’s a little more expensive than your average SD card, but I’d still buy one at around $21 for a 1GB card.

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2 thoughts on “SD Card Features Built-In USB Connector”

  1. Did I just wander into 2006? Sandisk and a myriad of other companies have been doing this for a while. Long enough for to run 2x 512 Sandisk Ultra-II for about $10. Thats how old this is. shutdownblogitsover

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