Screw Makes Outdoor Showering Easier, Expensive

By Luke Anderson

When you were a kid, did you ever get so dirty that your mother would actually make you hose yourself off before being allowed to set foot in the house? For those that think I’m nuts, I grew up in the country, and spent a good portion of my youth outside (which is interesting because these days it seems I never leave my desk). It wasn’t all that uncommon for me to get quite dirty, especially if it had rained in the previous day. This cool Screw outdoor shower might have came in handy.

One other activity that usually required us to shower off was getting in the pool. If we’d been off playing in the dirt, we’d have to get cleaned off so as to keep the pool water sparkling. (I was more than happy to do so, as cleaning the pool was one of my chores). This Screw is simply an attachment for your garden hose that turns it into a stand-up shower.

While this produces nearly the same result as using a typical hand sprayer on your hose, there are two major differences. First, the Screw doesn’t require the use of one of your hands (or another person, which is great because then you don’t have someone with a hose that seems to think your face needs a little extra washing). The second, and largest different is that your sprayer attachment will cost only a couple of bucks while the Screw runs $830. Seriously, $830 for that? Screwed is more like it.

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