Scosche Releases Geiger Counter For The iPhone

By David Ponce

You might be tempted to wonder why you’d ever need a radiation detector, let alone one that works with your iPhone. But that probably means you don’t live in Japan where it would seem normal to be worried over radiation poisoning following this year’s terrifying Fukushima meltdown. Big name iPhone accessory maker Scosche is releasing the RDTX, a portable Geiger counter that works with the iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s already calibrated and has a ton of features:

    Easy-to-use interface clearly indicates radiation levels.
    Displays detailed measurements for the advanced user.
    Place map markers to report radiation levels.
    Deliver precise radiation reports to keep you and your family safe

The Pro version of the RDTX has already been released in Japan for $330, though this version promises to be much less expensive. Initial availability will go entirely to Japan, though we have no information for the rest of the world at the moment.

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