Scosche passPORT Home Dock Released


By Luke Anderson

A little while back I showed you the Scosche passPORT, which was an awesome little gadget for my iPhone. In case you don’t recall, it was a small accessory that allowed me to hook my iPhone up to my car stereo. While my iPhone technically could play through my current setup, I could only use it in airplane mode, or be forced to listen to that awful screeching sound that cell phones make through unshielded speakers, and it would not recharge. The passPORT took care of all of that, which only made me long for such a device to use with home docks. Thankfully Scosche was already working on it.

The passPORT Home Dock is very similar to its car adapter cousin, in that it allows your iPhone to recharge and play music without issue. It will work with just about any dock, and hold your iPhone 3G, 2G iPod touch or 4G iPod nano. You can pick it up now from Amazon or Scosche directly for $39.99.

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