SCHOTT LightPoints LED Glass

SCHOTT LightPoints LED Glass

SCHOTT LightPoints (Images courtesy SCHOTT)
By Andrew Liszewski

To be more accurate, this LightPoints system from SCHOTT actually uses LEDs that are sandwiched between two pieces of laminated glass to create the effect they’re floating in space. The system also uses a Polyvinyl Butyral Foil (PVB) laminate which is a pre-structured clear conductive coating that allows electricity to reach the LEDs without the use of visible wiring, which would take away from the effect.

In fact the power can be delivered through conductive circuits on top of the glass which allows any necessary wiring to be built into the framework or supports surrounding the panels. What’s even cooler is the fact that the LEDs can all be triggered individually, allowing specific sequences to be played. If the glass (which is all custom made to order) had a dense enough pattern of LEDs, it could probably be used to play back messages or other more complex animations.

[ SCHOTT LightPoints ] VIA [ Interactive Architecture dot org ]

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