Scan and Print in 3D with Zeus


You can’t do much with just a 3D printer. The same can be said for a 3D scanner. But the possibilities are endless if you put both together, and that’s what AIO Robotics has done with Zeus. It’s a 3D scanner and 3D printer in one, so you can scan whatever it is you want to print and then print it in a jiffy.

It offers convenience that other gadgets already available in the 3D printing sphere don’t offer. Zeus has been in development for the last five years, so you can be sure that a lot of thought and work went into it.

Zeus is essentially a 3D copy machine. It features a plug-and-play interface and comes with a 7-inch touchscreen control panel so you can scan, print, or 3D fax anything with a few quick taps.

Zeus is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $1,999 will get you one of your very own if you’re one of the early birds. Otherwise, you’ll have to pledge $2,499 to get one.

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