Say Goodbye To The AMEX Butterfly Card

American Express Butterfly Card (Images courtesy American Express)
By Andrew Liszewski

Remember the AMEX Butterfly Card I wrote about almost a couple of years ago? It was only available to American Express Gold Card members and was supposed to be more convenient than the standard card since it could fold in half and be stored in a metal keychain.

Well it seems the card didn’t exactly catch on like American Express had hoped. Reader ‘Ajax’ who left a comment on my original post just received a letter from AMEX saying the Butterfly Card program would be canceled on March 31. Since the card actually used a different number than the user’s standard American Express Gold Card, ditching the Butterfly version should be relatively painless. Unless of course you’ve become really attached to it and have already started an online petition to bring it back.

[ American Express Butterfly Card ]

4 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To The AMEX Butterfly Card”

  1. “relatively painless” — unless of course you’ve used your butterfly card for online bill payments and have it stored in your Amazon profile… They should phase them out when they expire (if they’re not already). Now how am I gonna be the cool kid at Costco? :-/

  2. i had one of those mini keychain switchblade discover cards for a few years (was the same account#, basically a second card) and really did not like it. it made my keychain bigger, it did not work in most credit card machines (too small, couldn’t be read properly) and was nowhere near as convenient as it seemed it would be. i bet they probably had similar issues with this one.

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