SawStop, A Table Saw That Saves Fingers

By David Ponce

You have to admire a table saw’s ability to swiftly separate the tip of your fingers from the rest of you. I, for one, would be interested in knowing just how many kids loose a finger or two during shop class each year. And how pissed those kids must be that this wonderful (dare I say revolutionary?) product from company SawStop wasn’t there when they needed it.

The 10″ cabinet saw features a brilliant safety mechanism. Essentially, it sends a very low current through the blade and continuously monitors the signal for changes. Turns out, wood doesn’t conduct electricity quite as well as flesh. So, as soon as your finger touches the blade, the change in conductivity is detected and the blade stopped and retracted… all within 3-5 milliseconds. It will still nick your skin somewhat, but you probably won’t have to put any appendage in ice and rush to the ER.

The kicker, really, is the video of the saw on a sausage.

Oh, and apparently it’s also a darn good table saw. But, they all say that.

Keeping your fingers on will set you back a cool $2,800.

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  2. my grandpa could have used it too. He lost two fingers to a table saw accident.

    High schools that teach woodshop should be required to buy this. Simply an amazing product.

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