Savitmicro’s NTP-25

By David Ponce

Say you really want to be the life of the party… any party, anywhere. While being able to bring with you a posse of scantily clad, partially inebriated women with loose morals will more than likely assure you the position of Head Party Person, if you’re reading this site you’re really more likely to be the kind of guy that tries to produce the same effect with a technological/geeky equivalent. Let me start by saying, my friend, that the results will more than likely not be the same.

This being said, a lot of fun can be had with Savitmicro’s NTP-25, a screen-less portable media device. In a nutshell, what you do is put in a portable hard drive (whether it’s included or not is shrouded in mystery at the moment) and it will nicely output video and sound for you. It’ll play pretty much any format you put in that drive, be it Divx 3.x, Xvid, MPEG 1/2 (IFO,ISO,DAT) and will output in a variety of formats, including component (480p, 720p, and 1080i). It even comes with a dandy OLED screen for navigation.

You could, in theory, fill up a 120Gb drive with a library of hundreds of compressed movies, take the device with you to any place with a television/projector, and stream audio/video content to it. And that is guaranteed, among your geek peers, to make you very popular.

There’s no price anywhere, though chances are, it might take some time for this thing to reach North American shores. Then again, it might already be here. I don’t know anything.

Go inside for a couple more specs.

* Plays Divx 3.x,Xvid,MPEG 1/2(IFO,ISO,DAT)
* supports MP3,Ogg Vorbis,WMA,WAV,AC3
* displays JPEG,BMP(max res: 1920×1080)
* TV-out: HD Component YpYbPr,Composite
* Audio-out characteristics:2CH strero(Audio L,R), digital:Coaxial
* External IR connector
* HD Component(480p,720p,1080i)
* HDD file format: FAT 32 / NTFS
* HDD type: 2.5-inch drive (laptop HDD)
* Text support: SMI,SUB,SRT,S2K,SSA,TXT,RT
* PC connection: USB 2.0(480Mbps)
* Measures 134.5 x 78 x20mm
* Weighs 400 grams
* Input:AC 90V~250V / Output:DC 5V

Story VIA Gear Live.