TNR-i (Images courtesy Yamaha)

Save Yourself Hundreds Of Dollars And Opt For Yamaha’s TENORI-ON App Instead

TNR-i (Images courtesy Yamaha)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last time I checked, Yamaha’s TENORI-ON digital sequencer was selling on their site for $699. A far cry from the device’s original $1,000+ price tag, but still way too expensive for the musically un-inclined like myself. So if you’ve already got an iPhone or an iPad, you can save yourself $679.01 and pick up Yamaha’s new TNR-i app for just $19.99. It’s a software-only version of their TENORI-ON that recreates the instrument’s 16×16 grid of glowing buttons on your touchscreen device.

And while it might not be as full-featured as the original version, TNR-i is still capable of playing back up to 16 different sounds at the same time, on up to 16 different layers. The various performance modes also appear to still be here, including using it like a standard multi-track sequencer with sounds arranged and played back horizontally, and pitch affected by their vertical location. But taking advantage of the iPhone and iPad’s online capabilities, TNR-i also one-ups the original version by letting up to 4 people connect and perform together at the same time, even if they’re not in the same location.

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