Saucony Hamburger Sneakers Look Good Enough to Eat–Well, Almost

Saucony Burger Shoes1

These sneakers might not look out of the ordinary if you look at them from the front, but check it out from all sides and your stomach might just begin to rumble. Not that it actually looks like a burger that you could sink your teeth into, but it’s clear where its designers drew inspiration for its design.

The Shadow 5000 Burgers sneakers are a result of the collaboration between Saucony and End Clothing. I guess you can think of it as some sort of ode to burgers, which has grown in popularity over the years.

Saucony Burger Shoes2

Saucony Burger Shoes3


The coolest thing about the sneakers is the additional packets of BBQ and Mayo laces, which let you customize the sneakers according to your taste.

The 5000 Burgers sneakers were priced at $135 and are currently sold out. Here’s to hoping they make more–and add a packet of mustard laces while they’re at it.

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