Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

By Michelle Cheung

Forget about getting the little dish, putting the blob of wasabi on the side and pouring soy sauce. That’s a long, old process and what’s more, there is one more plate to wash.

Not anymore with these pipette style chopsticks. Just fill them with whatever liquid you like. Maybe one with soy sauce, and the other one with wasabi (though you might have trouble squeezing it out). They’re made out of ABS and polypropylene and they can stand heat ranges from -5 degrees to 90 degrees (may not be suitable for very hot noodles).

$21 is a little pricey for a pair two pairs of plastic chopsticks though, so maybe it’s time to get some new pipettes from the chemistry lab and use those as chopsticks.

Find out more about them here.

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  5. hello, we are making a school documentary about different types of chopsticks and we were wondering if we were able to use the image of the ‘sauce dispensing chopsticks’ within our film?…

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