Sanyo’s New LP-XTC50 Projector Features Twin Lamps And An Auto-Cleaning Filter

Sanyo LP-XTC50 Projector (Image courtesy Sanyo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Sanyo just announced their new LP-XTC50 projector today (pictured on the right) which is designed for installation in large halls or auditoriums where high ceilings makes regular access difficult. So to give the projector as long a life as possible before someone needs to climb up there for maintenance it comes with 2 unique features. The first is a dual lamp system which basically uses two bulbs rated at 3,000 hours a piece, to give the projector a total of 6,000 hours of run time. Depending on the user’s preferences there’s an ‘Alternating Mode’ where the projector regularly switches between the bulbs on a set schedule or a ‘Relay Mode’ where one bulb is used exclusively until it burns out and the second bulb kicks in automatically.

The LP-XTC50 also features Sanyo’s ‘Active Maintenance Filter’ or ‘AMF’ system which uses a special cartridge with the filter on a reel, somewhat like the ink ribbon on a typewriter. The AMF system is able to detect blocked airflow through the filter due to dust or other particles and will automatically scroll the filter reel to the next clean filter. Each cartridge includes 10 filters which means it should be a while before it needs to be swapped out with a new one. (Unless your office happens to be in a coal mine or a dust factory.)

The Sanyo LP-XTC50 projector will be available as of January 9, 2009 for about $10,700.

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