Sandwichbike is an Assemble-It-Yourself Wooden Bike

Sandwich Bike

You put furniture together on a regular basis, so why not assemble your own bike together for a change? IKEA doesn’t have DIY bikes in stock on their shelves, but you can get one called the Sandwichbike delivered to your doorstep. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a wooden bike you’ll be putting together with this kit?

The Sandwichbike is basically a wooden bike that’s packed flat in a box in its component pieces. It won’t look like much of a bike when you open the box, as you’ll be greeted with its component parts that are just waiting for you to put them together.

Sandwich Bike1

The main parts of the Sandwichbike are pieces of weather-coated plywood that are held together by ‘smart cylinders’. The bike is a little pricey though, at €799 or about $1,034. Pre-orders are currently open, with delivery slated later this October.

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